IMERO GOBBATO was an imaginative, talented and prolific Artist. All his life he created paintings, drawings, prints, carvings, models and music. He is best known for his highly collected, light-filled paintings reflecting his love of the rocky shores of Mid-Coast Maine. As an illustrator of children’s books, he attracted a following of admirers who still cherish the whimsical storybook characters he brought to life, and as a naval architect, he designed several yachts. All the while he was earning a living from his creative endeavors, part of him was in another world. His world. A place he called HUMBRAVANA (pronounced: Hoom-brah-vah-nah).

The images on this web-site are just a small selection reflecting the journey of a lifetime. Within the vast inner and outer landscapes the Artist traveled was a quest: To define the forms emerging in the ever shifting shadows between the light and the dark.